Preserving Photos and Documents - January Recap

The January program was presented by Carolyn Purcell and Sue Buce from the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center talking about photos/documents and focusing on their care and preservation. Samples of different photo types were on display and attendees learned about the best way to preserve them. Also shown were samples of archival boxes and materials and a list of preferable temperatures and environment requirements for their safe storage. 
Approximately 40 people attended. The weather was with us !

Why is a newsletter important?

We have been publishing our newsletter now for 42 years. The Columbia Gorge Genealogical Society has been in existence since 1977. Over the years it has become moderate size publication unlike when it was mailed to members "snail-mail". Technology has simplified communication.  

Why is a newsletter important?
Our newsletter is a communication tool to others in the community letting them know we care about preserving their family history as well as preserving historical records and events. 
This year we will be reaching out to 29 institutions and genealogical societies in North America exchanging newsletters and learning from other genealogical sources. 
Our newsletter is free can be download at:

January Program - Preserving Photos and Documents - Carolyn Purcell

Have you come into the possession of family photo heirlooms and precious documents?
Undecided on how to preserve them?
Carolyn Purcell from the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center and in partnership with the Oregon Heritage Commission will present a program on preserving  photos and documents . 
 This free lecture will cover subjects of identifying different types of photo processes used throughout history and best practices for handling and storing them, as well as historical documents. 

January 12, 2019
Columbia Gorge Discovery Center
(downstairs classroom)
Public Welcome!